Tip of the Week: Importing Ushurs

It’s time for the Tip of the Week! This week we’re focusing on importing Ushurs.

To import an Ushur, select an application context > New Ushur > Import. This imports the Ushur and it’s variables to that application context (if the variables don’t yet exist, they will be automatically created).

Things to remember:

  1. The Ushur name must be unique.

  2. To import the same Ushur to your account in a different application context:

  3. Clone the Ushur you want to import

  4. Rename the Ushur

  5. Export the cloned Ushur

  6. Delete the cloned Ushur

  7. Import it into a new application context

Questions or anything to add? Share them in the comments!


Sometimes I like to export my Ushurs without the enterprise variables, so they aren’t imported into the new application context. For example, when my other application context already has the same variables in the enterprise variables, but they might just be named different. When that happens, I uncheck the box for “export enterprise variables” after I hit the “export” button on the cloned Ushur. Then I can import it into the other application contact without creating new variables.

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